*Limited Time Offer Of $27 (One-Time Payment) Normally $297. 

Here’s something that will surprise you: You already are the change you wish to be. Yep. You read that right. 

You are awesome and limitless. You are your own guide, your chooser, the leader of your journey.  

But you can’t quite figure out how to open that part of you up – amirite?

You have tried ALL THE THINGS. 

You’re still struggling, and you feel like you’ve barely budged from the crappy situation you’re trying to get out of.  Nothing sticks. You start out thinking this might be the key, only to find life gets in the way, you fall off track and eventually it just becomes something you’ve failed at. 
Again.  It’s frustrating AF and you are beating yourself up for just not getting it. 

I see you. I’ve been you. And I am SO here to help you.  

The only thing that is required is your need to be willing to do the work and make the change. YOU CAN manifest the life you desire.

I created Rapid Mind Hacks to show you in the simplest of ways how to unveil that amazingness you already are, actually believe it, and run with it so you can live the life of epic joy you’ve been chasing. 
Rapid Mind Hacks can show you the silver lining in your life already exists - and how to find it. The only thing needed from you is to be willing and open to shifting yourself from where you are now, to where you want to be. You need to be willing to change your thought patterns and step off the ledge of mediocrity to plunge into the world of conscious change.
You have more things going on in a day then you have time for, right?

There's a brand new way, and that's doing a daily check-in... 
Now, wait... before you click away and say "Oh, hello, no, this isn't for me...." Hear me out.

All it takes is 5 minutes per day to do this effectively. That's it. And I want to show you exactly how to put this to work for yourself. You are worthy of this, girlfriend.  

That's why I'm offering you instant access to my rapid mind hacks and strategy worth $297...

For only $27!
This is a 360, 30-day incremented system because change isn’t a one and done event. Instead, it is a rinse and repeat thing. The more you do it the more magical and joyous life becomes.

I know this because... after YEARS of struggle to heal my wounds, deal with my trauma and recover from debilitating depression, you know what made the difference? It was changing myself from the inside. It was breaking my thought pattern. It was removing my hard-wired limiting beliefs. 
But I had to do it in a realistic, incremental way.  I couldn’t go from barely-getting-out-of-bed depressed to “everything is awesome!” in a week. And girl, anyone who promises you that is Full. Of. It. 
Limiting beliefs are the little voices that convince you that you can’t be, do, or have anything you want.   Girl, you have to get your mind right to be able to manifest in your favor!
And you are so conditioned into this way of thinking that you often don’t even consciously hear these voices. But they are there. Every minute of every day. So, no wonder you are stuck in mediocrity – or worse - misery! 
Once you realize it’s your conditioned, lousy beliefs that cause you more unhappiness and greater hardships, not the people or situations around you, you can start to turn the table, make different choices and claim the life you deserve. 
You’ll be happy to know that some of the greatest changes my clients have ever experienced have come from the simplest choices they make.
An introductory video to explain the system to you and lay-out your 30-day journey.
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping videos.
Meditations to help center and support your mind to embody your new thought pattern.
Oh, and also? Your course portal comes with a boatload of bonuses that can help you move forward even more. 
Success Starts from the Inside Out 
This eBook outlines the foundations of understanding limiting beliefs and the effect they have on your life. You will learn how to identify your own limiting beliefs and how to get rid of them by understanding where they come from, bringing them to the surface, and releasing them. 
3 Mistakes Keeping you from Living a Life of Joy Workbook
Learn what blocks you from finding the true, long-lasting joy you’ve been craving so you can finally find the happiness you deserve. 
-Enable yourself to unlock the change you wish to see. 
-Feel freedom from judgement and the tiny box you’ve been living in. 
-Understand how to live a life filled with your true desires. 
-Learn how to make simple changes that shift you from a ho-hum existence to a blissful life. 

3 Mistakes Keeping you from Living a Life of Joy Workbook
Learn what blocks you from finding the true, long-lasting joy you’ve been craving so you can finally find the happiness you deserve. 
-Enable yourself to unlock the change you wish to see. 
-Feel freedom from judgement and the tiny box you’ve been living in. 
-Understand how to live a life filled with your true desires. 
-Learn how to make simple changes that shift you from a ho-hum existence to a blissful life. 

5 Simple Steps to end your Limiting Beliefs eBook
Take the first step towards taking ownership of your life and creating the happiness you were born for. 
-How to identify the beliefs that stop you from achieving the life, success and happiness you desire. 

-How to change those limiting beliefs without it taking an eternity to start working. 

-How to maintain expansive beliefs so that you don't revert to your old way of thinking and your miserable AF life. 

Awaken, Evolve, Grow Workshop 

An immersive, pre-recorded workshop that shows you how to find passion in your life by discovering your purpose. This course guides you to explore your childhood influences and life experiences, and has you  identify  your personal manifesto to use as a catalyst to unlock your passion. The  course  includes a digital workbook,  pre-recorded video workshop and  meditation. 
->360+ days of Rapidmations [Over 12 Packs available!]
-> Packs come with a 30day automation system via FB Messenger
-> A Trello Board System for you Trello lovers [or soon to be!]
-> Private access to transformation system videos and training
-> PLUS access to 1 bonus course and 3 bonus eBooks.

That’s a hella-lotta stuff. And you get it for an even better value.
Like. MEGA. 

And guess what? I added one more amazing bit to all of this! The glue that holds this all together, The 90 Day Mind Map Accelerator!

To dive a layer even more in-depth to show yourself YOU ARE READY, and it is time for the new you to shine from the inside out by accelerating your mind hacks!  

The Rapid Mind Hacks, 90 Day Mind Map Accelerator system will give you the exact information and tools on how you can make that happen, step by step.

The Rapid Mind Hacks, 90 Day Mind Map is a goal-setting, productivity, and habit forming system to be used with your daily Rapidmations, from Rapid Mind Hacks. 

Equipped with planners, trackers, prompts, hacks, + more. To be used digitally or printed and setup in a binder! 
This simple system is designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be, no matter what area of your life you think is in shambles. For 360+ days you will receive the insights, tools, and support you need, in the bite-sized portions you can handle.  

Often mindset work can seem WAY too out there. You know you want to believe that you are healthy, fit, in your dream job, in love, abundant AF – but your mind has a HARD time believing it because it’s so far away from where you are now. It’s like trying to go from A to Z without the rest of the letters in between.  

It doesn’t work.  

Rapid Mind Hacks Transformational System, is different. It works because it provides you with incremental steps to shift your limiting beliefs in a way your mind can get behind! 

Get started with Rapid Mind Hacks to MANIFEST Your Best Life now for only $27

I’m a spiritual healer and intuitive life mentor. Basically, y'all, I'm a psychic life-coach and I help you HUMAN while turning you into the best version of YOU!

Learning how to un-learn this HUMAN stuff to be a more whole, happier human, can be a doozie. 

After 15 years spent searching and trying everything in my power to change my life from the OUTSIDE in (think, things… lots of things...sigh). I finally retreated waved the white flag and nosed dived inward into my soul and began living a life I didn't think I was meant for, one that was free and enjoyable, one that was mine. 

Since then, I have been sharing my teachings and gifts with women all over the world, just like you, showing you the power of YES. Saying yes to the true personal expression of yourself, rather than remain confined to the 'rules' society would rather have all of us follow.  

In working with me, the goal isn't to become immune from pain and suffering. Pain and suffering are a given in life. Instead, the goal is to endure it in a new way. A healthy way. A healing way. An 'I'm gonna work my butt of and never give up" way. 

Let me help you kick your mediocre life on its bum and create the extraordinary existence you yearn for.  

Danielle Aime.....words seem so tiny so, I am also setting the intention that you feel this in your heart when you read it. I am so absolutely thankful for you and whatever beautiful weird twist of fate it was that brought me in your orbit with all these absolutely stunning people. I have been feeling myself shift and going through spiritual growth pains. After last week's healing, I feel so much more balanced.
- Ami Kismet
Danielle is a soul healer. She is incredible at what she does. She has helped me realize how to use my weakness as my strength in a way I never thought possible. She can sense things within you that you possibly never could, and lead you in the direction you need to go. I’m so grateful for her help and guidance in one of the most difficult times of my life.
You don’t go through a childhood like I did and not have walls built. Danielle got in there and tore down those walls. Nobody has ever done that for me before. She understood to the T where I came from, where I was, what I needed, what I needed to hear, and what I needed to feel about myself.
- lisa schooley
I have gone from being a dedicated people-pleaser to finally living for myself. From being constantly afraid of being seen to standing confidently in my own light. From obsessing over other people’s opinions of me to being unapologetically myself. From hating who I was to loving myself, quirks and all. While working with Danielle I have become stronger, confident, comfortable and proud of who I am. I have accepted myself and learned to love things about myself that I never thought I would.

My mindset has changed entirely, I still have moments when I’m a little down or frustrated about things but we will always have those moments, that’s what life and the human experience is about. Danielle has given me the tools I need to work through these times and not allow them to dominate my thoughts the way they once did. I have changed from someone with a constantly negative mindset and an extremely bleak outlook on life to being content and grateful for all that I have and excited for my future.
I have been following Danielle for some time now and she continues to fill my life with light. Her content seems to always find you in the perfect timing and it is exactly what you needed to hear. I have received two reads from Danielle through her lives. When she reads it’s not always about the message but the vibrational energy she delivers with it. You can FEEL the message. She has always been on point and she will always be 110% genuine and honest. She can help you understand feelings you couldn’t even put into words yourself and give you guidance for immense personal growth. On top of it all she’s extremely relatable and humble. Even if you just pop on to her live streams with no intention of asking for a read you’ll always leave with something deeper. She’s a phenomenal Channel and a beautiful soul. I am so grateful for her.
First of all, you can't help but fall in love with Danielle's personality. She is kind and compassionate, blunt and REAL with you... and so.damn.funny. I want to talk to her everyday! Her guidance has been spot on... inspirational and realistic. Mostly though, her ability to get you to see things for yourself, begin to un-layer and understand yourself, dig deeper into yourself.... is such a huge gift.
Danielle has done a couple readings for me now and it has been an incredible experience! Firstly, she is incredibly gifted and everything that comes through is always so accurate and connects to me at a very personal level. What I love about her readings is that they not only address the concern or situation that I’ve inquired on, but they do so in a very all encompassing way. Bringing into consideration things I may not have thought to consider and always giving me the answers I needed to hear, not just the ones I thought I wanted. The best part is that it is all delivered in a way that I’ve found very empowering and motivating. I literally listened to my last reading 5x within a few days. Every time I did I took away something new. I feel like I need to play my readings every morning as I start my day because the insight is so valuable and the feeling I get from receiving it fires me up. And I don’t just say that because everything that has come up has been all sunshine and rainbows, but because even the stuff that may be harder to hear is offered in a way that feels empowering, not scary. I will be recommending Danielle to anyone I know is ready to accept, and act on, powerful guidance!
- christa potter
This woman is amazing and will change your life! I’ve had a card spread, channelled messages and done Danielle’s Uniqucorn course. Uniqucorn was an amazing investment, I gained so much more self confidence and self love and I have made the most amazing circle of friends, together we help each other grow!
- sArah hunter
First, I just want to say, I am so thankful for Danielle and all she does. Her reads are amazing. They are accurate and insightful, most importantly they are upfront and genuine, just like her. She tells it like it is. The information I've gained from her readings has further aided in my growth so very much. Trying to find the words for her programs, is difficult, because they are just so amazing. What I can say is that she helps you reconnect with yourself in amazing ways, it is truly life changing. I really do feel like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon, as I'm still in one of her programs right now. If you're ready for change, she will assist you so beautifully and authentically. I didn't know the version of who I am today even existed, 6 months ago. Danielle lit the path to help me get here. Honestly, 6 months ago I would not be writing this review out of fear of doing it wrong. Now, I feel like I'm writing a novel because I want others to know things do not have to be the way they've always been, change/growth is so very possible. Danielle is an authentic, supportive, caring advisor that can help get you where you're wanting to go and where you're meant to go. I personally think she is the best!
- kathy aguayo




The power is NOW.

If you have been struggling to get out of a rut, build a better career, find a better boyfriend or just want to know what it’s like to get out of bed each morning feeling happy and excited for life, I want you to understand that I have been there too. I know how hard it can feel to know something needs to change but not know how to change it. 

I’m here to help you by teaching you what helped me start living a life of pure joy and happiness. 

Who is this system for? 

This system is for discontent women who want to take the aligned action they need and start feeling the massive happiness they deserve. You may have never tried affirmation work, and not have a clue what this “woo” stuff is all about. Or you may have tried countless things to try and dig yourself out of your crappy situation only to get frustrated, hard on yourself and not follow through. 

Do I get to keep it after I finish the program ? 

Yes, you have lifetime access. Access to the course materials is yours to keep forever including any additions and updates that are added in the future. 

How Do I know if this will work for me?

Like everything in life, you are responsible for your own results. Being open, willing and committed to the process is the only thing that is needed for you to see changes in your life from this program. 

From one human to another, I want you to know I get this is a risk. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that should have been a blog post.

I’m extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements the strategy will be thrilled with their purchase.

That’s why I’m offering a 14-day money-back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that your life will change to your expectations, but I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the tools I will share and the time and stress it will save you.

Of course, If you’re not happy with the system, I will refund your money within 14-days of your purchase.